Plumbing SEO—Top Tips for Professional Plumbing Firms to Use this 2017


Although often overlooked, the fact of the matter is that successful SEO for plumbers is essential to enjoy exposure and success throughout 2017 and beyond.

Plumbing firms will often overlook the importance of search engine optimization within their marketing campaigns. Of course, this is largely due to the fact that most professionals are concerned with their day-to-day activities. It’s worth pointing out that large search engines such as Google receive well over 100 billion hits each month. So, what can plumbing companies do in order to maximize their presence and grow their customer base?

Long-Form Content

This is another term for articles which are over 1,000 words in length. Analysts have found that such pages always receive more links and shares than shorter pieces. In terms of plumbing, this generally equates to articles that offer the reader more details around a specific product or service. Some examples here can include plumbing consultancy services, specialized trends within the industry, and the reasons why a particular firm is superior to its competitors. Keeping the reader entertained by providing useful information will help to generate further interest. Read more on this article.


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